Receive Higher Frequency Energy Posted on 30 Jul 14:48

Energies of the Earth are shifting more quickly now.  Have you noticed that time seems to be speeding up?

The velocity of light the Earth is receiving has increased and as a result, the flash and sequencing of linear time is moving faster now.

The magnetic grid is begin reduced and the crystalline grid is being activated and becoming more dominant. 

The arc swing of duality is lessening and the movement into higher frequency dimension, crystalline frequency is now tangible and will continue to do so for the next several years.

As a result of this shift it is a must for us that we do our part.  Everyone on the path requires to proactively raise their frequency to adjust and keep pace in order to receive the energies now coming in.

As you raise your frequency you are then able to hold more frequency in your energetic field allowing you to use this energy to manifest and create the life you desire.

You also help and assist others around you and you also benefit the planet as well when you proactively work on yourself and heal yourself in this way.

I invite you to book your energy healing sessions today. As you clear energetic blockages blocking you. You can then bring in more light and higher frequencies in to your aura field.

Your conscious awareness will increase as well as your higher senses. You will notice that positive shifts will occur in your life as well as attracting new opportunities you never realize was possible.

Attract new relationships that are beneficial to you. Stop worrying about everything and enjoy and have more peace of mind in every moment.

Book your auric clearing and karma clearing sessions today and I wish you the very best experience for you and those around you.