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Distance Healing Posted on 2 Sep 21:51


You now have the rare opportunity to receive powerful distance healing sessions no matter where you are located in the world.

There are many distance energy healing sessions here to meet the specific needs you may require and are focused on different areas in which may benefit you the most.

Once you take a look at the powerful sessions offered here you will have an opportunity to receive the highest priority and most beneficial sessions for you.

This gives you the opportunity to receive our powerful distance healing services from wherever you are in the world.

The  sessions are customized for you in a very special way so that you may receive very powerful results so you can move forward in your life the most positive ways.

Distance healing is possible as we work with the laws of quantum physics and on a very high frequency multi dimensional level using a very detailed systematic highly effective approach.

Distance energy healing works inline with the law of non-locality which in quantum physics proves that separate atoms can be energetically connected no matter how far the distance is and space in between.

Energy healing works the same way similar to a personal computer on a network connecting to a super computer mainframe that has powerful infinite intelligence and wide scope perspectives to facilitate healing on very deep levels.

Energy healing is not constrained by time what so ever. The beauty of this is that in a healing session we can work on any timeline of your being since time is actually simultaneous.

All timelines occurring all at once and not-linear.

As you think about this you realize why it is so important to receive this work as the events of your past have a profound effect on your reality and quality of life you are attracting to yourself in this moment of now.

A great place to start for those of you new to this work would be the:

Aura Cleanse

Karma Cleanse

Parental Ancestral Generic Karma Cleanse

Planetary Imprints Karma Cleanse

Self Sabotage Clearing Session

Dysfunctional Behaviors Clearing Session

Fear Removal

Anxiety Clearing Session

Cut Cords to Past Relationships

I welcome you and I am very confident that you will find the distance healing sessions here to be very powerful with the capability to shift your life in extremely powerful ways for you without words to describe.

Our distance healing services are facilitated with high frequency protocols and with divine love to insure you receive the most powerful results for you.

This allows you to integrate and receive the sessions safely in a very subtle natural way.

Once you place your order your session will be automatically scheduled so there is nothing you require to do to receive them as it will be facilitated for you no matter where you are on the planet.

You can of course be doing other things as well while the session is being facilitated for you.

I look forward to working with you and assisting you to shift your life and catapult your personal evolution in the most positive and powerful ways for you.