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What is Karma Posted on 17 Aug 16:54


What is karma and how to get rid of karma.

Imagine for a moment that you are thousands and thousands and thousands of years old or older and that you have had many, many lifetimes or incarnations over those thousands of years.

Imagine through your many incarnations that you have made many choices thoughts words and feelings actions and decisions that are not of love.

Imagine that all of your choices that are not or have not been made in divine love are all imprinted in your memory banks with the frequencies and energies in which they are created with via your choices and your actions your thoughts your feelings and your emotions.

You carry with you these imprints from your evolution. They are polarized and magnetized with the frequency in which you created them and as a result create soul fragments.

Fragmenting a portion of your energy creating a soul fragment and karmic imprint.

Then attracting back to you and projecting in your current reality field the conditions in which you have created the karmic imprint with in the first place.

Imagine for a moment you are a computer. As you navigate the Internet of life you may pick up temporary Internet files and download viruses.

You may install programs that have bugs in them or do not work efficiently.  You may have a pop up that pops up on your screen relentlessly annoying you and slowing your computer's performance down immensely.

You may have a virus that slows your computers connection to the Internet where everything is very slow sluggish and takes forever to process.

Well until you are able to uninstall these viruses and often time required to reformat your hard drive and install a fresh operating system in order to restore your computer's performance.

 You require the same.

What is karma and how do you get rid of karma? With the karma cleanse energy healing sessions offered we work to uninstall the solidified karmic imprints and soul fragments etc. from your energetic circulatory system.

Once you clear the heavy magnetized polarized energy karmic imprints and they are uninstalled you can then bring in christed energy once consumed by the imprints.

Allowing you to raise your frequency and bring more energy in allowing you to integrate this energy.

Then you can consciously use this energy to manifest what you really, really desire in your life without all of the blockages.

So karma removal is the process of clearing the heavy solidified twisted energy patterns and negative programs that you are walking around with.

That is causing you to manifest and attract un-desired results into your life.

You now have an opportunity to clear the karmic imprints that are blocking your precious life force energy.

Allowing you to receive higher frequency energy through your energetic circulatory system from source.

Increase your consciousness and your connections to self so you can experience higher conscious awareness and connect to your parts itself that you have not had an opportunity to connect to because of the energetic blockages you have. 

Imagine it's like reformatting your hard drive on your computer installing a new operating system and upgrading your connection to the Internet of life.

Allowing you to attract and manifest what you truly desire in your life and giving you more conscious awareness to make better choices with your thoughts words feelings and actions so that you can manifest what you really desire and stop manifesting what you do not desire.

Attract new people relationships business opportunities.

Raise your frequency and ability to hold more energy and raise your frequency holding capacity.

It is important to realize that this is a process and takes time as you have created mountains and mountains of karmic imprints through your thousands and thousands and thousands of years and many life times.

When you make the choice to work on yourself in this way and raise your frequency not only does it affect you but it will affect those around you.

You are also helping to heal the planet in this process as you are tied to the planet. Not only will you have an opportunity to attract new people places times things and events into your life you also have an opportunity to advance your souls evolution and clean up your ancestral parental a genetic line as well.

As you take on the responsibility of doing something about it rather than playing the victim game as it is all just happening to you and you can't figure out why.

This work becomes such a beautiful thing to take responsibility for what is happening to you and what is being manifested in your outer world as well as your inner world.

The sessions offered at are many of the sessions I have so passionately worked on myself and this is a format in which I have the opportunity to offer this to you so that you may benefit in the best possible way for you as I have.

I love this work and have taken much care and have put much love into it to develop the most powerful beneficial sessions so that I may share this with you in the most positive beneficial way with love as possible

I welcome you and your willingness to give the sessions a try as I know you will benefit in more ways than you can imagine.

If this is something that you resonate with then I welcome you and invite you to book your karma cleanse energy healing sessions now so that you may clear the energy blockages blocking you from achieving your full human potential.

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