Parental Ancestral Karma Clearing Energy Healing Session

$ 48.00


Did you know that at conception we inherit karmic imprints from our parents in our DNA.

That is why you are re-experiencing the chaotic traits that your parents inherited from theirs. Again and again over and over.

We must first walk through our parents karma before we can fulfill our true mission in life or align ourselves with source so our life just flows.

There is God's will and Free will choice. God's will is always Love.

When our parents and ancestors have made choices outside of God's will they have created Karmic imprints that we then inherit through our DNA and have to deal with or walk through in our lives.

 Karmic imprints are polarized with the frequency in which they are created with and output or radiate discordant magnetic fields thus attracting back to you the same people, places, times, things and events the imprint was created with in the first place.

Karmic imprints are twisted energy patterns that cause blockages, distortions and create misaims and dis ease in the body.

Blocking the energy we receive from source and causing us to attract continued un desirable results in our lives.

Do you find yourself acting just like your parents even though you promised yourself you would never do so?

Do you have many of the same fears your parents have?

Do you notice that you have many of the un desired traits of your parents that you identified as a child and did not like then and swore to yourself you would never be like that?

Does it seem that the older you get the more you are like your parents?

Saying the things they say or carrying the limiting beliefs they believe?

Having to relive some of the same experiences or conditions.

This is not YOU or your true souls essence.

In the Parental Ancestral Karma Clearing Energy Healing Session we focus on clearing the parental imprints that you inherit from your parents at conception on a very deep energetic level for you.

Un-plugging the imprints from your energetic circulatory system allowing you to heal. Owning as wisdom and allowing you to recover the precious energy once consumed back into your energetic field.

Are you ready to let go of the un desired gifts given to you by your parents and walk in the direction of your souls true mission?

Clear the blockages that have been blocking you and attract new people, places, times things and events into your life. Having more personal control, clarity and live your life inline with your souls mission.

Once you place your order for your Parental Ancestral Imprints Clearing Session your session will be facilitated for you normally within 24 hours. This session can take up to several hours to complete as everyone may be different.

You are not required to do anything meaning you can be doing or focusing on other things while the session is in progress.

The session will be facilitated for you in the highest frequency, inline with YOU in the best possible way for YOU insuring a safe, natural healing process.

You will receive a confirmation email letting you know when the session has been completed.

So if you resonate with this book your Parental Ancestral Imprints Clearing Energy Healing Session Now!