Aura Cleanse

$ 48.00


Do you feel like you have physical, mental and emotional attachments that are blocking you from being all you can be?

Are you often physically, mentally and emotionally tired?

Do you have excessive mental chatter or un-productive voices in your head causing you to make erratic decisions and choices?

Do you feel the chaos or static energy in Your Aura field. 

Do you feel as if your life force energy is being drained?

The Aura Cleanse Energy Healing Session focuses on clearing for you the source of Auric Attachments that are draining your precious life force energy on a very deep energetic level where exists within your Energetic Circulatory System.

Your aura field or electro-magnetic field is the light body that surrounds your physical body.

Most people have many unseen blockages that can be identified and cleared on all 15 levels of awareness during the Aura Cleanse Energy Healing Sessions.

This session is a must have.....

Many people are carrying unfinished business, belief systems, thought forms, etc. of many of lifetimes in their soul memory.

During the session we energetically clear and transmute these.

Allowing you to receive a permanent release thus allowing you to regain and restoring your energy once consumed by the Aura Attachments draining you.

Here is what you will receive with the Aura Cleanse Energy Healing Session:

• Experience more Energy, Clarity and Peace of Mind

• Receive a Higher Flow of ENERGY from SOURCE through YOU

• Quiet the fearful un productive voices in your head

• Close energy leaks in YOUR aura field that are draining your precious life force energy

• Expand your conscious awareness

• Remove heavy thought forms in your auric field that may be weighing YOU down

• Cut energetic cords, ties and aura attachments to dis-embodied Earth bound beings that may be using you in a negative way with the intent to vampire energy from you

• Feel lighter

• Receive a  thorough tune-up for your energetic circulatory system

• A must have session for those new to this work

So if you're looking to have more Energy, Clarity and Peace of Mind and quiet the fearful Noises in your head, just click the Buy Now button to book your session.

The Aura Cleanse Energy Healing Session is a extremely powerful session facilitated for you on a very deep  energetic level and I am very confident that you will receive positive results capable of shifting your life in a very positive way.

So if you are tired of having no energy throughout your day.

Always feeling frustrated and in a state of chaos.

Listening to and taking action to the erratic voices in your head projecting fear.

I highly encourage you to book your session now.

You can clear the aura attachments, energy vampires, and energy drains that are depriving you of your precious life force energy.

So you can feel lighter and have more energy.

Take a moment right now and realize how amazing you'll feel to have more energy flowing through you so you can experience more overall peace of mind, happiness and joy on a moment by moment basis.

The Aura Cleanse Energy Healing Session is facilitated for you on a very deep high frequency 15 Dimensional Level with divine LOVE in the best possible way for YOU and is facilitated for you using very high frequency distant healing techniques and protocols.

As a result YOU do not have to be consciously present in order to receive the session meaning YOU can be doing and  participating in other things or be anywhere in the world as the session is being facilitated for YOU.

The session can take several hours to complete.

Facilitation and Integration times may vary from person to person.

The Aura Cleanse Healing Session as well as all the sessions here are facilitated for YOU from a place of Non-Judgment and always with LOVE.

The session integrates for you in the best possible way for YOU safely allowing YOU to RECEIVE a permanent release.

As with all of our sessions you can participate and receive more than one time as every time you receive the session you will go deeper.

Once you place your order your session is normally facilitated for you within 24-48 hours. You will receive email notification as to the status of your session.

I look forward to working with YOU on this and appreciate Your willingness to work on YOURSELF.

So click the Buy Now button above and book your Aura Cleanse Energy Healing Session with me today.

I look forward  to working with you on this and assisting you in achieving powerful results and shifting your life in the most positive way for you. You will feel GREAT as a result.