Hello, my name is Greg Marston and I am the President, CEO and Energy Healing Facilitator here at Scaler Waves LLC, ScalerWaves.com.

I have been working with energy healing, frequency technologies and quantum healing for well over 12 years now.

I absolutely have a deep love and admiration for this work and have experienced phenomenal results personally and professionally.

Much of the work here all started years ago as I had a deep interest in frequency and subtle energy technologies. 

Throughout the years I discovered many powerful healing techniques and protocols.

I found that we carry many heavy imprints and negative programs that are required to be healed based on our souls evolution and the ancient history of human and planetary evolution.

I spent many years on a daily basis working on myself in this way while focusing on my inner world that required to be healed.

I simply found this work as a necessity thru my own self actualization process and the desire to help others and make this world a better place. 

As I learned about myself and looked within I could see that there was much work I required to do in order to create the life I honestly desire to acheive.

Likewise in looking outside of myself, my parental family, my birth family and the world around me I could see and identify many distortions, chaotic energies, mental and emotional behaviors that require to be healed.

It's like everywhere I would look I would see problems around me. I would always ask myself questions like:

Why do people age? Why is everyone stressed out? Why is everyone fighting? Why do people harm one another? Why do people diminish and manipulate others for personal gain? Why do people tend to blame others rather than take responsibility for their actions? Why is the world the way it is? You know... .. .

I am very technical and have a natural tendency to see problems and distortions and have a deep inner desire to fix them.

The sessions offered here are sessions I have worked on with myself as well as my clients and have found them to be extremely valuable and powerful in so many ways.

I have experienced tremendous results with this work personally and it gives me great pleasure having the opportunity to facilitate the sessions for my clients and assisting them in achieving great results for themselves.

Through my hard work and dedication and commitment to improving myself I have discovered and developed very powerful healing techniques and protocols that offer permanent healing on powerful levels that are extremely beneficial without words to describe...

The sessions that I offer here is a vehicle in which I may share them with you. So that you may receive them and benefit from them in the most powerful ways for you.

It is my intent that you may shift your life in the most positive way for you so you can create the life you desire for yourself.

It is my pleasure to assist you to activate your highest frequency holding potential and restore your natural organic imprint for human health.

I welcome you to follow your intuition and take advantage of the sessions offered here. I am very confident that you will receive powerful results.

I have found this work to be a process and not only will it benefit you, it will benefit those around you as well as the planet itself.

It is my intention to focus much of my time creating and developing sessions that will be beneficial for you.

Energy Healing and DNA Activation is a process. Just as you have created many energetic blockages and distortions through your human evolution these blockages require a level of commitment from you as well.

The fact that you are here reading this now shows you resonate with this work and your willingness and dedication to not only improve yourself but others and the world around you.

I invite you to participate and wish you the very best with your success moving forward and may you create the life you have always dreamed of.

Wishing you the very best!


Greg Marston
President, CEO and Founder
Scaler Waves LLC