Anxiety Clearing

$ 48.00


Do you often experience Anxiety?

Does anxiety cause you so much distress that you feel like you are not able to live a normal life? Does anxiety block you from getting things done and accomplishing what you really do desire to acheive?

Does your anxiety cause you to be overwhelmed and keep your life in a constant state of chaos?

Anxiety is programming of fear or nervousness intensely energized  in your energetic field about what may happen. Even though it has not happened to you yet.

You may anticipate the worst even though it has not happened to you yet or you may be reacting to something in the past that has happened to you and you are worried it will happen to you again.

When energies of anxiety are active within your energetic anatomy you are transmitting the energies of the state of anxiety and as you further energize this the more you increase your state of anxiety further and continue to energize the state of anxiety more and more creating the same for yourself.

and this can become very heavy....

Keeping you stuck in the mud. Remaining in a state of Anxiety.

Have you ever noticed that you may be going on about your day enjoying it then out of nowhere something triggers you then you find yourself in a state of anxiety that can go on for hours, days even months.

Don't you think its a good time to release it? Life is so precious to be wasting your moments in states of anxiety.

Anxiety may also cause you to experience overwhelming physical body fatigue and stress and may lead to other health concerns causing you chaos in all aspects of your life physical, mental and emotional.

With the Anxiety Clearing Energy Healing Session we focus on clearing energy imprints at their source related to the condition known as Anxiety for you on a deep energetic level within your energetic circulatory system.

So you can.....

  • Have a more calm peaceful state of mind
  • A inner calmness about you
  • Be at ease in stressful situations
  • Be un concerned instead of concerned about things that do not matter
  • Experience less stress and overwhelm
  • Focus on certainty
  • Have faith, self confidence and inner security
  • Find peace, happiness and joy in the moment
  • Gain composure in stressful situations

If you are tired of being in a state of anxiety and feeling nervousness, misery, panic, restlessness and being uneasy then I highly recommend the Anxiety Clearing Energy Healing Session for you.

Anxiety can wear you out and rob from you your Life Force.

This session is facilitated and customized for you in the best possible way for you so that you can release the highest priority energetic blockages you have been carrying with you related to anxiety.

The session is facilitated for you on a very deep high frequency 15 Dimensional Level with divine LOVE in the best possible way for YOU and is facilitated for you using very high frequency distant healing techniques and protocols.

As a result YOU do not have to be consciously present in order to receive the session meaning YOU can be doing and participating in other things or be anywhere in the world as the session is being facilitated for YOU.

The session can last up to several hours to complete.

Facilitation and Integration times may vary from person to person as everyone has had different life experiences and have made different choices in their human evolution.

The Anxiety Clearing Session as well as all of our sessions are facilitated for YOU from a place of Non-Judgment and with LOVE.

The session integrates for you in the best possible way for YOU safely allowing YOU to RECEIVE a permanent release.

As with all of our sessions you can receive more than once and go deeper so just follow your instincts if you feel like you require another session.

However the anxiety clearing energy healing session is intended to clear anxiety for you on a very deep energetic level allowing you to release and is a very powerful session.

Once you place your order your session is normally facilitated for you within 24-48 hours. You will receive email notification as to the status and completion of your session.

I look forward to working with YOU on this and appreciate Your willingness to take responsibility and control for yourself so you can experience a new.

So if you are tired of dreading everyday situations that cause you to be in a state of anxiety, panic and restlessness then book your Anxiety Clearing Energy Healing Session Now!