Financial Karma Removal

$ 48.00


Do you have Financial Karma that is blocking you from manifesting the financial reality you honestly desire and deserve?

Causing you to attract un-desired financial outcomes.

Does it seem like you take 5 steps forward and six steps back in regards to your finances?

No matter how hard you work you just do not seem to get ahead...

Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel like something is blocking you from receiving your financial goals but do not know what it is?

Have you given up on yourself in creating the financial reality you know you deserve?

Have you made conscious choices that are not inline with divine love when it comes to money and others?

Have you had experiences in this life or past life's that may be affecting your financial abundance now?

Are negative programs of lack, limitation and poverty that are activated and running on you energeticly?

Are you energizing limiting beliefs' that are causing you to manifest more poverty than wealth for yourself?

Are you attracting others into your life that may not be for your financial good? Possibly draining you?

Have you stopped taking ACTION in regards to your financial well being?

Do you have Financial Karma that you have inherited from your parents and ancestors?

The Financial Karma Clearing Energy Healing Session is intended for you to clear Financial Karmic Imprints and Negative programming you have accumulated in your soul's evolution on a very deep energetic level.

So you can release and move forward in the most positive of ways.

In this Session we focus on....

  • Clearing the energetic blockages blocking you from achieving your financial success

  • Clearing financial imprints that you have inherited from your parents and genetic lines

  • Clearing cultural and collective financial karma and imprints holding you back

  • Clearing past life and this life choices of Lack, Limitation and Poverty Consciousness

  • Clearing past oaths, vows and contracts you may have made and agreed to related to poverty

  • Clearing sub conscious belief systems blocking you from manifesting your financial abundance

  • Clearing imprints where you may have harmed or taken from others for financial gain or un earned

and much, much more.....

I have experienced very powerful results with the Financial Karma Clearing Healing Session myself and desire to facilitate this session for you so that you can receive it in the most powerful way for you.

Activating prosperous circumstances, financial success and good fortune.

So you can move forward and experience the financial abundance you desire. Assisting you to make clear choices in regards to your finances.

Attract higher frequency opportunities to yourself.

Start making choices and take action inline with who you really are.

The session is intended for you in the best possible way so you can clear the highest priority energetic blockages for you that are causing you to be stuck and remain stagnant.

Don't you think it's time to take ACTION so you can achieve the Financial Freedom you have always desired.

The Financial Karma Clearing Energy Healing Session is facilitated for you on a very deep high frequency 15 Dimensional Level with divine LOVE in the best possible way for YOU and is facilitated for you using very high frequency distant healing techniques and protocols.

As a result YOU do not have to be consciously present in order to receive the session meaning YOU can be doing and participating in other things or be anywhere in the world as the session is being facilitated for YOU.

The session can last for several hours to complete as everyone has made different choices and has had different experiences in their evolutionary process.

Facilitation and Integration times may vary from person to person.

The Financial Karma Clearing Session as well as all of our sessions are facilitated for YOU from a place of Non-Judgment and with LOVE.

The session integrates for you in the best possible way for YOU safely allowing YOU to RECEIVE a permanent release.

As with all of our sessions you can receive more than once and go deeper so just follow your instincts and intuition and let your heart guide you.

Once you place your order your session is normally facilitated for you within 24-48 hours. You will receive email notification as to the status and completion of your session.

I look forward to working with YOU on this and appreciate Your willingness to work on YOURSELF so you can move forward and receive the abundance you deserve.

Click the Buy Now button above and book your Financial Karma Clearing Energy Healing Session with me today. I look forward to working with you on this and assisting you in achieving the most powerful results possible.