Guilt and Shame Removal

$ 48.00


Are you tired of feeling guilty?

Are you walking around with guilt? Does it feel heavy?

Do you often feel guilty?

Do you feel guilty now about choices and actions you have made in the past?

Do you feel guilty about things and don't even know why?

Does something often bother you but you don't know what it is?

Are you ashamed of yourself?

Have you been programmed or have you learned as a child to be ashamed of yourself?

Do you feel remorse for past actions and choices you have made?

Do you ever feel like you are a mistake? Do you feel like you are unforgivable.

Have you been exposed to religious programming of guilt?

With the Guilt and Shame Energy Clearing Session we focus on clearing imprints
and programming related to guilt and shame on a very deep level of your energetic
circulatory system so you can experience a permanent release and let go.

Experience a State of...

  • Self Empowerment
  • Forgive Yourself
  • Choose Life
  • Surrender and accept responsibility
  • Let Go of the Drama
  • Visible
  • Be Grateful for the Gift of Life
  • Choose Self Worth
  • Honor Yourself
  • Transcend Limitations
  • Have Concern for Others
  • See New Beginnings
  • Feel Like You are Good Enough

Removing Guilt and Shame imprints from your energetic circulatory system can open
your life and allow you to get back and take control.

Maintain a connection to all that you are and begin to experience the life YOU desire.

A life where YOU make the decisions. A life where YOU make conscious choices. A life where YOU make changes because it feels right and is right to YOU. A life where you take control.

This is a very powerful energy healing session that works to clear Guilt and Shame for you
on a very deep 15 dimensional energetic level offering you a permanent release.

The session is customized for you in the best possible way for you so that we clear the highest
priority energetic blockages of Guilt and Shame on very deep levels for you.

The Guilt and Shame Clearing Energy Healing Session is facilitated for you on a very deep high frequency 15 Dimensional Level with divine LOVE in the best possible way for YOU and is facilitated for you using very high frequency distant healing techniques and protocols.

As a result YOU do not have to be consciously present in order to receive the session meaning YOU can be doing and participating in other things or be anywhere in the world as the session is being facilitated for YOU.

The session normally last up to three hours or longer to complete.

Facilitation and Integration times may vary from person to person.

The Guilt and Shame Clearing Energy Healing Session as well as all of my sessions are facilitated for YOU from a place of Non-Judgment and with LOVE.

The session integrates for you in the best possible way for YOU safely allowing YOU to RECEIVE a permanent release.

As with all of our sessions you can receive more than once and go deeper so just follow your instinct.

Once you place your order your session is normally facilitated for you within 24-48 hours. You will receive email notification as to the status and completion of your session.

So click the Buy Now button above and book your Guilt and Shame Clearing Energy Healing Session with me today. I look forward to working with you on this and assisting you in achieving powerful results .

So if you are sick and tired of feeling guilty? Then book your Guilt and Shame Clearing Energy Healing Session NOW!